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Monday, March 13, 2017

Coming Tomorrow: Our New Music Video!

It's taken many months longer than we originally anticipated, but our next music video is scheduled to go live on YouTube tomorrow morning! Our past music videos were ambitious, but this is our most ambitious to date and I'm dying to see the finished product, which Paul is still editing.

In making past videos we've worked with a recording engineer/arranger and composers. This time we had a composer (we write the lyrics to these little masterpieces ourselves), an arranger, musicians and a recording engineer. There were lots of moving parts and I learned a ton, which I plan to put to good use, as we want to do two more music videos this year. Well, I want to do one every week, but they're expensive to produce! We're aiming for mid-summer for our next one - wish us luck!

In the vocal booth

The view from the vocal booth. Paul looks emphatic about something!

The fabulous Dennis in a scene shot at Lun Wah Restaurant and Tiki Bar

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