Saturday, March 4, 2017


After a miserable night of sleeping on the living room sofa (I mean both of us. And it's not a pullout.) since the bedroom was choked with paint fumes and wet paint and our guest bed is inaccessible because everything from the bedroom is on top of it, I'm pleased to report there are two coats of primer on the walls and we expect to get a coat of pink up tonight! Hallelujah! As with all of our home improvement projects, it has now cost twice as much as we anticipated, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and the crackhouse vibe is gone!

In other news, I updated our website and now there are links to both our Amazon affiliate store and our merch store on our shopping page! Between the two stores we have everything from glassware to cocktail parasols to bitters! Click here to visit when you're in the market for cocktail paraphernalia! 


  1. You need a hot bath and a massage. And some non-VOC paint for no fumes. Trust me, it's worth the extra money. Now go make some cocktails!

    1. The paint is non-VOC, thankfully. The primer, unfortunately, is this hard core stuff to cover oil paint. Cocktail: Done! Black Magic! <3

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