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Friday, March 31, 2017

Recipes on the Record

Last night we had the good fortune to appear on the fabulous YouTube series "Thrifty Business with Jay and Nay," talking about one of my favorite topics, kitsch!

One of my favorite categories of kitsch is what I think of as "housewife records," and one of my favorite subsets of that is records with recipes on the back cover or inside, if the cover folds out. Last night I made recipes from two different records, including this Pineapple Refrigerator Dessert from the card party-themed album "Foursome."

Of course we need cocktails! We recently discovered this album in a thrift store and it has become one of my favorites. Ready for some "Smooth Sounds" (and smooth drinks)? I won't tell if you don't actually mix with Gordon's. ;)

Have a fabulous weekend!

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